This program focuses on provision of solutions to the educational needs of orphans, needy and vulnerable children. It involves availing OVC’S with scholastic materials i.e. mathematical sets, pens, pencils, bags, books and uniforms

The purpose of the sponsorship program, is to raise money for the daily expenses of the child such as food, clothing, education, medicine. One hundred percent of the money generated from the sponsorship program goes to the general fund at the designated campus. From this fund all of the children benefit, not just the child being sponsored. If you have visited an LifChild, you may have connected with that one child. We offer an opportunity to sponsor that child  or any child with financial and emotional support through the sponsorship program. You receive cards, letters, drawings, progress reports about your child and you can send back letters of encouragement or just a friendly hello.


For the cost of one coffee a day, you can make a child’s life so much better!


We have photos and profiles of children who need sponsorship.


What Sponsors Receive…….

  • A welcome letter from Friends of the Orphans

  • A photo of the child

  • Personal history of the child

  • An annual school progress report

  • Personal letters from the child, in our Language translated to English

  • The opportunity to visit the child you sponsor at the LifChild Campuses

  • The satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference in a child’s life