Project “EDUCATION FOR LIFE ” is LifChild’s program of constructing  schools in different names, aims at providing quality education to orphans and vulnerable children in our communities irrespective of their physical, social or religious status.,

your generous gift of any amount will give these children a better learning environment.  For those who are outside Uganda, please fail not to contact us on email at for more information how to support and better these children’s lives.



Under this program and campaign named “Education for life “. LifChild’s fundraises for funds to build the schools and the facilitation of teachers plus other administrative costs of the school, is catered for by community students who are not orphans or vulnerable but are attracted by the quality of education services offered by the schools. These other community students will enroll in the day and the boarding sections of the school and will strictly constitute to 40% of the students population leaving the orphans and vulnerable children who are the mainly targeted at 60%.

Class Block
This is the first Class room Blood of 4 classes being raised.

An entire school for 1,200 children costs $300,000 and the school runs sustainable after it has been built, and the 1,200 places created continue to educate children year after year. In fact, over a 15 year period, LifChild Schools will have educated around 5,040 children, all for an initial investment of $300,000 – that’s just over $ 250 per child for their entire (8 -year) education. We believe that in an environment where school structures are present, administration costs met, teachers motivated and paid in time, OVC’s will be able to acquire quality education for the betterment of their future.