About us

Live for a child initiative (LIFCHILD) is a not-profit Non-governmental, none denominational organization registered in Uganda. working with the most marginalized, ostracized and vulnerable groups of children i.e. orphans, the needy, CWDs.

Children orphaned by HIV/AIDS and those considered to be products of socially immorality hence abandonment often lack people who care enough to provide basic needs and adult guidance, as most guardians to whom these children are left happen to be old people who are illiterate to value their grand children’s education needs and could not assist them even if they wanted to. They are also impoverished and physically weak to engage in serious agriculture activities. This leaves these vulnerable children at a risk of poorer health and nutritional status together with low enrollment in schools than other children. Children too pauses a collective conscience which drives them into welcoming and believing to be true any behavior portrayed by the people they live near and associate with

It is heart breaking to know that if children are to imitate what they see their fathers do, they [children] too would become  alcoholics, hot-tempered and thieves as most fathers are. Imitating their mothers would lead to them becoming prostitutes or child abuser which is very rampant in child to aunt or child to step mother relationships. All LIFCHILD programs and services are geared towards providing a holistic solution to the problems that affect children and factors that work in correlation with the social and economic status of parents to affect children