Help a Child

In a community of more than 5000 people in Nakitontolo,  Lifchild Uganda is managing to educate only 320 children so far the the junior School,  yet more of these children are vulnerables.

Fatherless Project

As chronicled in our documentary film, there are over 700 million fatherless children in the world, which means 1 in 3 will go to bed tonight without Dad in the home. Despite the overwhelming acknowledgment of the problem by both secular and religious organizations, men continue to abdicate their responsibilities as given to us by God in heaven. Since 1995, the number of children in Uganda growing up in two-parent homes has dropped in every single village. During that time, Uganda increased the amount of fatherless homes by 1.2 million, despite only increasing its family units by 160,000.

On the flip side, the evidence screams loudly – God’s design for families actually works! Consider the following,:

  • Children raised in intact families have, on average, higher academic achievement, better emotional health, and fewer behavioral problems.
  • When compared with their peers from families with two biological parents, students who lived with neither biological parent scored lower with regard to the following:
    • Academic performance
    • Educational aspiration
    • Sense of self determination and self-esteem

      This is Baby Class
      As much as they like school, they have to feed. Breakfast is a must at school.
  • Students living without any biological parent also exhibit more behavioral problems.
  • Fathers of intact families spend, on average, more time with their children.
  • Intact families are more likely to provide a safe home for children. Compared to peers in intact families, children in other family structures experienced significantly higher rates of exposure to domestic violence.
  • Married fathers tend to have better psychological well-being. Divorced fathers were, on average, more depressed than their married counterparts, whether or not their children resided with them.

For most of us, this is to be expected. It comes as no surprise when we at Lifchild Uganda explain our core belief this way:

We believe that children benefit in every measurable way by the presence of a loving, committed father in the home.

As such, Lifchild Uganda is on the front lines in the fight against faithlessness. The recipe for success has many layers, but ultimately, our main ingredient is inspiring men to “Live ” to their responsibilities as husbands and fathers and do something about fatherlessness. This is why we believe God has called us to provide high-impact, high-energy experiences and opportunities for individuals & organizations everywhere to join in the fight against fatherlessness.