She’s passionate about orphan care and asserts that James 1:27 has helped her to more clearly define her own faith. She was instrumental in starting the LifChild Deaf School, Foster children in 2009. As part of the ministry leadership team, Becky has worked tirelessly to engage the body of believers to care for orphans by raising awareness of the great need for foster and adoptive families within the church.
Rebbecca N. (Co-Founder Lifchild Uganda)

With the heartfelt belief that a lack of funding should never be a barrier between a child who needs a family and a family that desires to provide the love and stability of a permanent home, she helped to establish the ministry’s Foster Care Fund. This fund awards financial help to qualified families to help offset some of the costs associated with the foster and adoption processes. In support of this help fund.

Convinced that God’s will for each of us is where His word and our life circumstances intersect, Becky is honored to have the opportunity to serve through Live for a child Initiative organization as one of the co-founders


Is a graduate multimedia visual artist from the Magaret Trowel School of Industrial and fine arts of Makerere University (MTSIFA).He has worked in the art world from small startup companies, big media-
Raymond Kaddu, Co-Founding Partner
houses in the country as well as founding some media houses on top of mentor-ship, THE CALLING.
He as well has served in different disciplines away from art, for example diplomatic security, farming and volunteering. As it is for every soul’s mission on earth to fulfill its calling,.
Raymond volunteered to share some love to the vulnerable at a time when he was behind a camera, for a documentary to highlight the suffering of a family of eight orphans with their widow caretaker in Ugandan District of Luwero.
From then on by taking care of one of the orphans, in that Family it became a routine to share his hard earned incomes with more of the vulnerable under LifChild Uganda.