School Construction commenced well

These are 3 classes in one, so these pushes as to construct individual classes for them due to the growing number of kids daily who are vulnerable

One of the negative effects of HIV/AIDS on children and adults alike is withdrawal, a feeling of hopelessness, despondence, despair and loss of self-esteem due to sickness and failure to access necessary treatment and nutritional supplements to facilitate the production of white blood cell which help in the fighting off of diseases. LIFCHILD provides psycho-social and nutritional support to CLWHA to promote positive living and increase on the number of years children have to live.
LIFCHILD will liaise with other organizations that cater for CLWHA to ensure that children infected with HIV/AIDS get quality services through their work and that of others, LIFCHILD would like to see the following things attained under psycho-social and nutritional support



This program focuses on provision of solutions to the educational needs of orphans, needy and vulnerable children. It involves availing OVC’S with scholastic materials i.e. mathematical sets, pens, pencils, bags, books and uniforms together with providing sponsorship in form of school fees to the orphans and vulnerable children. Under this program LIFCHILD carries out background research and check up on every identified OVC to avoid impersonation and double sponsorship which would duplicate the program, leaving out the main targeted beneficiaries. There is also provision of house utensils for orphan headed families and clothing for orphans, needy and vulnerable children to improve on their livelihoodsPic 10

A gift of 30 $ per month provides continuing educational support, that is to say school fees and all scholastic materials for an orphan or vulnerable child

Why Sponsor?

In Uganda we are more than 30Millions and almost 75% of the 30 is single parented and 50% are children who are living in absolute poverty.

Hunger weakens them. Unsafe drinking water makes them sick. Missing out education keeps them from reaching their potential. Nearly 9 million children die before reaching their 5th birthday every year due to preventable causes like diseases and hunger!

                    Sponsorship creates and gives hope for the child’s future.

You can help a child not only reach his/her next birthday, but look forward to reaching his life’s purpose.  Choose a child to sponsor maybe born on the same day as yourself so that you can monitor his or her life movements, your spouse or a loved one. You will share a special connection as you bring lasting joy to one child’s life. Remember anything that falls on a child brings an impression.

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