Scholastics are needed for these children

Giving Out

LifChild involves CWD’s in its sponsorship, scholastic material support and respite services offered to other children with disabilities. Below is you can contact us and let s know how you can help us through supply of books, pens, pencils, charts, text books, crayons, toys for children and many more or you can donate financially through our pay-pal account, or you can have a source of the above materials like a factory for  books, pens/pencils, text books, we can be contacted by a call or email us , we can come and pick them within Uganda. For those Friends outside Uganda, shipping is okay or financial means can work out and specify the exact donation where it goes.

“your scholastic giving, creates hope in a child daily while having what to use at school”

On top of the above, this component aims at enhancing awareness of the needs, limitations, potentials and rights of children with disabilities [CWD’s] so as to improve and /or change society’s attitude towards them. Interventions under this program involve economic empowerment of families with children who are disabled, sensitization of community members on issues concerning CWD’s, provision of aid equipment i.e. wheel chairs, hearing aids and other prosthetic appliances, together with deaf awareness campaigns and training of sign language interpretation to parents with deaf children and other community members

 Thank you and God bless you


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