Partners who can support this cause

School Kids 1
One of the General Assembly at the school compound

To “support” someone means that you help them. It can also mean that you will help them if they need help. Some different kinds of support include: monetary support, which means that you will pay for someone to live or do business.

LifChild Uganda is not an independent organization, we would like to be supported by or with you and our partnership with you will take us another step ahead. Have you ever realized that human beings and plants are in partnership? Plants need carbon dioxide whereas humans need oxygen for respiration, plants give out oxygen to humans and at same time humans give out carbon dioxide. So everyone needs another in any way.

Your partnership with us may not necessarily mean financial donations despite we may need it, but there are several ways how you can be a partner; you may be a fundraising partner as well. Whatsoever way you feel like, it will work for us.

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